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Friday, December 08, 2006


I'll keep this short and simple.

Gays are not like women. They're just not manly enough.

Psychos are not crazy. They're just below normal.

Fuckers aren't sex addicts. They're the ones who get into trouble most of the time.

Sissies are somewhat like gays.

Scumbags are somewhat like fuckers.

Smart people aren't intelligent. They're just too good to memorize.

Everything in this world makes a little sense when you see things differently!

Putting all this into a local context.

Omanis, when cruising 24/7 in the streets, are psychos.

Every Omani boy is Gay in front of other Omani boys. (with some exceptions)

Scumbags and sissies will evolve in 2020 for Oman's new vision of the future.

Every omani boy is a fucker in the neighborhood.

More to come in the near future after lunch :D

Amazing facts

Amazing facts:If you want to enjoy life, don't think about yourself, don't think about others. Think about what's happening to you, and what's happening to others. For example, I want to go to Ibiza. I cannot buy ticket. I'm too cheap. I just sit back, and wear sunglasses with tropical juice.

If I want to be a millionaire, I dont have that amount of money. I go to cashpoint, withdraw 1000 dollars ($1 bill each) and pretend it is millions, and just spread them around me. Very reasonable!

If you want to discover oil you cannot because you dont have oil equipment.

You cannot buy 4 cell phones at once because no fitting in pocket!

Cinema is good if you have Nachos with cheese and Jalapeno because your stomach will be dum dum dum.

Laptop makes your balls boil so dont chat for more than 30 minutes.

Lacoste is better than Puma because crocodile can eat cat!

If you think I'm crazy, please dial for emergency. PS: I ain't crazy, i'm just trying to be more Iktessiobaan! :D that word doesnt exist so dont bother searching. put whatever you wanna put instead!

Good job!

london baby!

All I can say is that it's been amazing getting out of Oman. I feel like a desperate Asian Immigrant who wants to get the hell outta their own country. Hmm ok, as most of you all now, I am officially in the UK. That's right! London Baby!!! Supposedly, I'm here for some training at the Royal Banko of Scotlandio sent by the company in Oman. But until now, I haven't digged deep into something useful that'll give them, and myself, a definite assett! Anywhos, so I'm thrown in zone 2! East london, work is at central london, zone 1. Around 40 mins by underground, and sometimes, it takes up to an hour!
It was fun the first 2 weeks but by now. It's getting ugh-y!! lol!

Hmm I got almost 7-8 weeks left in the UK. Talking about weeks and days, I am hoping to spend New Year's eve in Las Vegas! I was checking out some prices n all, and its pretty cheap for this time of the year. The only thing remaining is the company's approval! Which we will see tmr! okkk..enuff of work, lets start the good stuff.. i get drunk every weekend.. and get high as well.. almost every day :P lol jkk!!!! hmm.. i've been "partying" pshh yea right, i went ONCE.. i just realized that british clubs are not as good as the ones in the US.. poor thing my tourguide returned back to Oman.. Apart from that, I've met up with friends from Uni, from High School and from middle school as well!!! It's pretty amazing how small this world is!
I hope I can make it to Vegas! really looking forward to it!

hmm what else, my cousin's been very nice to me. He has offered me free accomodation. (of course theres something in return), which is accompaniment! Guys, please, dont think tooo far.. it's not what you think! Nah, he's just stressed out for his exams and needs some mental and emotional support (NOTHING PHYSICAL...YET ;) )hehehe.. so yea, it's been going good so far. I've made some new friends .. british that is, and a couple of french ones too. They dont mingle together usually cuz they don't like each other, but these people are an exception. They're pretty much flexible with everything. FINALLY.. KRISPY KREME donuts is just chopping me off! maaaan you won't believe how amazing those donuts are. I just can't live without eating at LEAST 2 each day..ok make that 1! YUMMAY!!!

*buuuuuuuuuuurp*!!! :$ excuse me!


Thursday, September 28, 2006

Up D.A.T.E

I have no excuses nor any reason to tell you peeps why I haven't posted for quite a while. I was "EX"tremely busy with work, and "EX"tremely busy trying to re-unite with a couple of "EX" classmates back in highschool (which of course, I only see them once every 6 months or so). Sounds lame, but true. :)
So the summer holidays are over. Schools and academic institutions have re-opened once again. Wow, we're back to square one! The only thing I have done during the holidays was.. just like any Omani who got fused out, was going to Dubai. It's a pretty fun place to chill out for the weekend. But it's about time that I've had enough of it. So, I planned on spending a night at Shangrila's Barr Al Jissah Resort. All I can say is that I was treated like a King, like a Hero, like a Lord! The rooms were amazing. Mine had a beach view as well as part of the pool. Yea, I had the Executive room..which pretty much suits me :) . I ate as much as I can in all different cuisines. But at the end, I was shocked to see the final BILL...a bloody 300 rials :s! Ouch.. loool!!!
Hmm yea coming back to dubai, I've been to the indoor ski dome (Ski Dubai). What a marvelous piece of work they have done. Imagine, its 45 degrees outside, your body's temperature is 37 degrees and the temperature inside is below ZERO. Got the mix? I skied for a bloody hour but then gave up because of the intense chilly temperatures inside. Did some shopping, not that much. Had fun overall :)

Now we're in Ramadan. It's kinda hard this year because it's getting closer towards the summer. I just hope it skips coming in June-August lol. I dunno but this year's Ramadan preparations are not as good as the previous ones. I haven't seen nor heard any events that are happening recently. Plus, most coffee shops close at 1am. Jeeez! 1 AM??? and that's on a WEEKEND! DAAAYUM! lol!
ok sounds like I've wrote enough.

miss y'all


Saturday, June 10, 2006

"It's me, I'm back again"

It has been a while since i've posted, or at least wrote 1 phrase of whatever is going on in this world. Guys, I swear to God, i've been busy with lots of stuff. Not only with work :s!! It's like I'm divided into different pieces that are made to do different tasks simultaneously.
Anyways, just to update you on whatever is going on:

1. We (at work), are supposed to be moving out to a new building by June 15; however I doubt that we will be able to. I'm really looking forward to get the hell outta the old building simply because there are no windows at my place. All I can see is people coming in and going out from the handicapped toilet! ugh! The office is just a mess. It's like a pitstop for anyone who wants to pass to the other side. I don't really mind having people sitting at my office, but its like, they're sitting their as if they're waiting for the bus or something. You know! lol!!

2. I was supposed to go to London for a 3 months course. It was ORIGINALLY scheduled for April 1. Yes, April 1, 2006! What day is it today? June 9. So... 2 months and 9 days delay! WOW!!! Are we waiting for Jesus to come back to life so that a new life can emerge or what? The last "scheduled delay" was supposed to be on June 1 (9 days ago), but again, due to unforseen consequences, it has been delayed! I still HAVE to go simply because I want to run away from this heat!

3. Already completed 1 year since I came to oman. May10 to be precise! I'm so proud I survived 1 year! :D

4. For the first time ever in Oman.. well the first time in my own personal experience.... dance floor? Couples only ? Singles allowed also? Formal dress code? does this ring a bell? YEP, THE PROM!!! Apparently, I thought that someone was gonna host a private party at the hyatt, but then the DAY of the event I asked some people about the dress code, and it turned out to be a formal code. I was like what? is this a prom or something? they're like "yeah"! JEEZ, what the hell am i going to do in the middle of 200 people of whom I have no single clue of who they are! It was OK! It ended up (for me) to be a dinner outing with friends along with some "dance watching". What more can i do? Dance with some strangers?? pshh yeah right!!!!

5. I had the BEST hair cut ever. It's shaved to 0 (zero). However, its gradually growing by the day! I had some nice comments from people about the hair style, so I guess its going to be the "ill keep it for this year style" type of thing!

6. Are you getting bored from reading through a list of what's happening in my life? It's like instructions on how to operate a mouse trap!. Are you really interested? Do you really care??? If so, continue to point 7.

7. I'll be posting more stuff soon. Just waiting for your intellectual comments!

Have fun everyone!!


Saturday, April 15, 2006

HAPPY BDAY....... Shoo

This is to celebrate's Shoo's 18th Birthday on the 14th of April. Yep! It's all about being LEGAL :D lol jk!!!! I know I was supposed to write it yesterday, but unfortunately, the connection was down the whole day.. sooo.. Happy Bday once again!



Monday, March 20, 2006

Random pix!

As you all know, I am a camera freak. Unfortunately, the following pics were not taken from my cam. But that's ok :) . There are around 18 pics, all were nice, but I chose the ones that I liked the most. Some pics are taken here in Oman while other are taken at UAE.

Special thanks goes to Shayz for the exclusive efforts ! :)

Enjoy the pix!

Monday, March 06, 2006



for those 'valley people' .. OMG it works!!! Like.. TOTALLY!!!!